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Finding the right closure system for your container requires evaluation using the knowledge our RICHARDS teams have. The consumer experience can be more or less positive depending on how you open your container: easy to open or not, the right dose when spraying, a perfect mist, are determining characteristics that contribute to your commercial success.

To find the right system

Define your needs: material, size, quantity, type of sealing (hermetic, child-resistant), consistency of your product, with or without dispensing devices... You can preselect types of caps by consulting our online selection. But above all, contact your RICHARDS Packaging representative who will find the closure you need.

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Child Resistant (CRC)

Wide variety Child-Resistant cap

Child Resistant (CRC)
RICHARDS Packaging

RICHARDS Packaging

For original solutions

Demographic trends, product technology, consumer buying behaviour are all factors to be taken into account in product packaging and marketing. A functional, practical, and ergonomic cap can make all the difference at the time of the purchase decision. Trust the RICHARDS experts to offer you the latest innovations.

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