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To obtain industrial or commercial containers that meet your expectations, at RICHARDS we do not compromise on quality. Whether for storage or distribution, from the smallest to the largest, our stock or specialized containers will meet your requirements.

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Industrial containers are available at select branches in Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Dartmouth.

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Pails Plastic

  Code Description Units/cs
1 0617 0003 1/2 U.S. Gal. (2ltr) White, T/E Pail w/Lid 100
2 0617 0005 2,25 ltr White T/E Pail w/Lid 100
3 0618 0032 4 ltr White T/E Pail w/Lid 65
4 0618 0011 1 Gal white Pail w/Lid 50
5 0618 0016 5,5 ltr White Pail w/Lid (Snap on lids included) 48
6 0619 0006 11 ltr White Pail 250
7 0618 0021 2,5 Gal White Pail 192
8 0619 0012 15 ltr White Pail 144
9 0619 0023 20 ltr White Pail 96
10 0619 0022 20 ltr White Pail Light Weight Pail 96
  0619 0029 5 Gal White Pail  

Pails Plastic

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Pails Steel

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RICHARDS Packaging

RICHARDS Packaging

Industrial sized solutions

Industrial containers are available at select branches. Contact your local RICHARDS representative to inquire about the availability of the containers you are interested in.

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