Corporate Resources

Employees can access corporate resources from any computer using the following links. Use your company e-mail address and password when accessing.

Citrix / Great Plains

Employees can access Great Plains resources on any computer that has the Citrix Workspace or Citrix Receiver application installed. If you are using a Corporately provided laptop, these applications are already installed. Use your login name (first initial, last name ie: jsmith) and password when accessing.

Home Computer

If employees wish to use their home computer to connect remotely, you will be required to install TeamViewer so that we can assist you with installation and troubleshooting issues. We have prepared an automated install routine with limited input required by clicking the link below. You must be logged in on your personal computer with an account that permitted to install applications. Once the installer has downloaded, you will need to click on it to Open or Run.

IT Support

IT Support is available by calling into any office and dialing extension 14357