Tacoma Plant

Fruit puree containers are produced by Richards Packaging, Inc. with a high-quality Bekum BM304DE extrusion blow molding machine which is typical of the quality of machinery in the Tacoma plant. 

"We don't want to be your supplier -

We want to be your partner."

Bill Edgeworth, Tacoma manager 

Producing Plastics

Around the Clock

In 1997, Richards Packaging, Inc. responded to a customer's request for plastic containers made in the United States of America by opening its Tacoma, WA, blow molding manufacturing plant.

Located in the Interstate-5 corridor between Seattle and Olympia, the Tacoma facility started with two machines producing plastic bottles, jugs and jars. Today, there are nine machines tended by 40 employees who work around the clock, seven days a week to meet client orders.

Richards Packaging vice president of manufacturing Bill Edgeworth manages the Tacoma operation which also includes warehouse space leased by affiliate Olshen's Bottle Supply Company.

Production manager Dave Huston is one of Tacoma's first hires, while Elaine Finley was promoted to quality assurance supervisor in April 2012.

Edgeworth, Huston and Finley draw from a combined 70 years plastics industry experience to lead this team with a goal of delivering superior customer service and product satisfaction.

The Tacoma operation prides itself in employee retention. Its workforce averages almost seven years on the job. This fosters an excellent safety record, an above-average understanding of good manufacturing procedures and quality production.


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Tacoma Plant
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